Maxwell Diaz

I am not well versed in beginnings nor ends. However, middles are my forte. In my 19 years of life I haven't had much experience dealing with actual stage productions. Instead, I have acquired extensive cunning and trickery throughout my lifetime. After all, isn't that what theater is at its core basics? I study psychology at Naugatuck Valley Community College to further my understanding of emotions and human thought patterns. This helps me even further in regards to taking on new characters. Usually I am quiet and reserved. Most people look at me and think the worst. However, appearances are very deceiving. Instead of being "cold" or "distant," like most people think I am, I'm actually quite friendly. In truth I'm constantly thinking about new personas I may use upon the stage. I take great pride in developing my characters into a near perfect reflection of the author's original intent. That is who I am and always shall be.


Character / Production

Benjamin, a donkey Animal Farm