Jenny Schuck

was last on the TheatreWorks stage in The Philadelphia Story. She is thrilled to be working with Joe Russo and Bill Hughes once again. And uber thrilled to be playing a witch! A witch! She works frequently with New Haven Theater Company. Favorite productions include Pygmalion (Sherman), Waiting for Lefty (NHTC), Boston Marriage (Screaming Pancake) and The Bear, Welcome to the Moon and Autobahn for her own company Normal Theater a few years back. She loves acting and yoga and is the Owner/Director of the friendly Yoga Culture in Danbury. Check her out on Instagram @gimmeprops. Thanks to her scene partners Jim, Matt, Jody and Jeff for being so fun and cool and to Marilyn and Reesa for keeping it all together. Bell Book!


Character / Production

Gillian Bell, Book & Candle

Liz / Ensemble Chicago

Ensemble Reefer Madness

Tracy Lord The Philadelphia Story