Actor Auditions


by David Mamet

Directed by Francis A Daley

TheatreWorks New Milford will be holding open auditions
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for David Mamet's Race on Sunday, December 9th from 2 to 6 pm and Monday, December 10th from 7 to 10 pm at the theatre on 5 Brookside Ave in New Milford, CT.

Leave a message at 860-350-6863 (theater) or email (Christine) to make an appointment on Dec 9 or 10th.

Multiple award-winning playwright/director David Mamet tackles America's most controversial topic in a provocative new tale of sex, guilt, and bold accusations. Two lawyers find themselves defending a wealthy white executive charged with raping a black woman. When a new legal assistant gets involved in the case, the opinions that boil beneath explode to the surface. When David Mamet turns the spotlight on what we think but can't say, dangerous truths are revealed, and no punches are spared.


ALL ROLES ARE AVAILABLE and both professionals and amateurs are welcome however please note that TheatreWorks is a NON-EQUITY theatre and does not offer compensation.

Rehearsals begin in early January and the play runs weekends from February 15th  through March 9th, 2019.

Jack Lawson – Caucasian Male, 40's
Has been working with Henry Brown for twenty years, during which time he has embraced Brown's wisdom regarding race relations; yet, as Brown points out, Lawson might believe he is above the social pitfalls of race issues simply because he understands the problem.

Henry Brown – African American Male, 40's
An insightful, no-nonsense lawyer who is the first to detect just how toxic the Charles Strickland case will be to their law firm; he thoroughly understands the justice system and human nature, so he foresees how both white and black jurors will react to Strickland's case.

Charles Strickland – Caucasian Male, 40's
Was born into wealth and, according to the other characters, never had to listen to the word "No"; now, he has been accused of rape; the victim is a young, African American woman; according to Strickland at the beginning of the play, they were in a consensual relationship.

Susan – African American Female, 20's
A young attorney who is ostensibly there to help determine whether or not they should accept Strickland as their client, but Susan has other plans in mind. Actress must be petite in size due to specific script requirements.

Audition Requirements

Actors should be prepared with a monologue and to read selected sides from the script. It is VERY IMPORTANT to be familiar with the script before auditioning. Please bring a headshot and resume.