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Theater Review: Updated 'Wreck The Halls' Still An Outrageous Poke At The Holidays

By Elizabeth Young, The Newtown Bee


The irreverent, downright bawdy, and hilarious holiday musical Wreck The Halls is back with a new sparkle and shine to entertain all those managing the tedious and tiresome demands of the lengthy holiday season.

In its first production at Theatreworks New Milford, and its third production in the state, the creative genius behind this little gem continues to tweak the show well past its already perfect presentation.

Adding new numbers, designing a more polished set, and replacements for two beloved cast members gives the show a new and slightly different energy.

Newcomers Bret Bisaillon and Austin Tewsbury join existing castmates Diana Matson, Priscilla Squiers, Carey Van Hollen and Alexis Maximus Vournazos for a musical romp through the holiday season, which shines a light on the struggles of prolonged family time and extreme entertaining demands. Oh and there’s scads of sexual innuendo, all of which is a hoot.

The entire cast is simply superb. As they frolic and play, their vocal talents and comedic chops are on constant and hilarious display. New songs such as “A Merry Christmas Divorce” and “My Jingle Bells,” the latter of which was performed in super fun holiday attire, added another layer of resonance and humor. There is much with which to relate!

The writer of both music and lyrics, director/choreographer and scenic designer Bradford Blake, has once again done a masterful job of putting this musical out there for public consumption. And it was gleefully consumed on opening night. Met with gales of laughter and applause, the cast put on a fabulous show.

Don’t miss this outrageous musical poke at the holidays. A good laugh helps to take it all in stride.

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